'ILLUSTARED PEOPLE" by Thomas Mailaender

'Illustrated People' by French artist Thomas Mailaender transforms an artistic performance in photographs, illustrating the product of his ephemeral and experimental body artworks.

Each photo demonstrates the experiment Mailaender's work with UV light:  23 original negatives selected by Mailaender from the Archive of Modern Conflict’s Collection is applied onto the skin of each model. A powerful UV lamp is then projected over these negatives. The result reveals a fleeting picture on the skin’s surface, each appeared with different intensity depending on the model's skin. Mailaender then photographs each model just moments before being ​​exposure to daylight which will cause the image to disappear, 

For more information about Thomas Mailaender, visit his official website. http://www.thomasmailaender.com/ 

All images courtesy of Thomas Mailaender

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