To celebrate the end of the restoration work of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II an installation has been deployed on its surface, bringing the Milanese and international public in close contact with the heart of the Galleria and offering new points of view: pictures, videos, stories and data collected during the 13 months of renovation.

An octagon within the Octagon: on the outside, the mirrored surfaces offer a new amplified and multiple vision of the architectural and ornamental beauties of the Galleria. Indoors, a dark room of 87 square meters gives visitors an immersive experience, thanks to six led walls. 

Four stations equipped with benches and binoculars are an integral part of the project, inviting you to sit down and enjoy some close-up views of architectural details, transforming the Galleria into an urban landscape to explore. 

The event, created and funded by Versace, Prada and Feltrinelli, will be running continuously from May 7th to May 23rd and represents the natural continuation of the process started with the website www.ingalleria.com. 

The installation has been conceived by Wishbone Farm – the creative agency who designed the website www.ingalleria.com - and produced with the support of: Bordel Studio for the video contents, The Blink Fish for video production, Nicolò Bagnati for photography, Eletech for the video walls, Vellardi for the binoculars, Falegnameria Biffi for the structures and Lola Toscani Productions for coordination.

For further information, visit INGALLERIA.COM: CALEIDOSCOPIO official website: INGALLERIA 


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