IKEA Art Event 2015

"Street art is free for anyone to enjoy, you can just grab a bike and discover art in your own hometown. It’s the most democratic art form that exists." HENRIK MOST Creative Leader, IKEA of Sweden. "It was important for us to not just work with super famous artists, but to create a vital mix that represents the street art scene today." 
Ikea have been providing people all over the world with democratic design – affordable and functional design for all. They have recently launched an art initiative with no practical function, instead it’s all about evoking emotions. Creative Leader Henrik Most explains the idea behind IKEA Art Events: - Normally you could say that art has a limitation. That it’s for the few, with a lot of money, or something you see in museums and galleries. For IKEA, art belongs in people’s homes. And with these collections, art becomes accessible for a lot of people - you don’t need to be wealthy to buy something unique. For this years’ collection, IKEA has invited 12 street artists from around the world to create 12 unique street art posters for IKEA; aiming to provide different styles and expressions that will create a better everyday life - for everyone who loves great art. 
It all started with the spray can, but today there are many different techniques and ways of working with street art. “Some street artists work very graphic, some black and white, some more graffiti like, some work figurative and some work very colorful. And then we have different techniques; from spraying and throwing paint to fine drawing, stencils and collage, while others have been working more digitally. Mixing all that is what shaped this into a diverse group of street artists and a diverse poster collection,” says Henrik Most. There’s a lot of work put into customizing each poster to become as individual as possible - within what’s possible at IKEA. You have different kind of paper and even the printing technique is thought through down to its detail. Then you have the adding of effects - 3D (which creates a depth), glossy, different lacquer possibilities, “glowing in the dark” effects, etc. 
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