Roppongi Art Night 2015

Roppobngi Art Night 2015 will be held from Saturday April 24th 10pm to Sunday 25th 6pm. Launched in 2009, Roppongi Art Night is a one-night, all-night, art extravaganza that celebrates the enjoyment of art in everyday living, and serves as a trailblazing model for local initiatives in the Japanese capital. Staged in the district of Roppongi with its high concentration of retail stores and cultural institutions, Roppongi Art Night – going from strength to strength each year as Tokyo’s premier art festival – offers an extraordinary one-night-only full-on blast of contemporary art, design, music, video and performance art via a huge range of works dotted around the streets.

"In Spring it is the dawn.." (That is the most beautiful) is a line from Sei Shonagon's [枕草子] Pillow Book, her own musings on the dialogue between people and nature. "The sun sets, the sun rises. Within this unchanging cycle, we exist. No matter how much the environment around us, or the lifestyle it brings may change, the sun will invariably set in the west, and rise in the east.
At 6:22pm on April 25, 2015, the sun will set in the west in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, and at last, the curtain will rise on 2015’s Roppongi Art Night, this time featuring media art. Tens of thousands will take part, joining together on the streets of Roppongi, illuminating the night. The whole of Roppongi will be rendered media, seeming to dissolve the boundaries of time, an hour becoming a second. It will feel as if your body has expanded, as if you can touch the very stars in the sky. Yet no matter how those boundaries vanish, at 4:56am on April 26, 2015, the sun will rise in the east in Roppongi. At that moment, in that “spring dawn” instant, time and bodies will return to life-size… In these turbulent times, some things never change." - Katsuhiko Hibino [日比野克彦], Art Director of Roppongi Art Night.  

For 2015 Hibino has assembled a more varied and wide-ranging program than ever celebrating the strengths of Tokyo, the attractions of Roppongi, and the diversity of art. In a new development for RAN, Hibino will be joined by Seiichi Saito, director of Rhizomatiks Co., Ltd., in the role of Media Art Director. Together they will explore new possibilities in technology and media art, essential considerations for Tokyo today and cities of the future, with the aim of devising a new format for Roppongi Art Night.

To find out more visit their official website here.

Roppongi Art Night

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