Hermès "Leather Forever" Exhibition in PMQ Central Hong Kong

"Leather Forever" exhibition by Hermès will be held from September 7th to September 28th at the PMQ Central Hong Kong. Leather Forever invites you to discover the world of Hermès leather, showcasing the incredible know-how of our artisans in an exhibition that is both poetic and informative. By the end of your visit, you too might find yourself captivated by this material which has been Hermès’ passion since 1837. The exclusive exhibition will tour around the world through Shanghai, Rome, London, Madrid and Taipei showcasing the brand's luxury origin and craftsmanship. From shoes, handbags, accessories and everyday furniture, over 300 pieces are transported directly from the Hermès Museum in Paris. Total of 13 zones are on display for audience to experience different facets of Hermès. More information about Hermès check here. 

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