Extreme Winter Single Sweater Survival Guide by Sebu San セブ山 OMOCORO オモコロ

Many of us had to put on a few extra layers before stepping out of the door with the recent temperature drop. Imagine opening your closet and all you own was that one sweater. What can you do to stay warm and cozy? Check out Sebu San セブ山's Extreme Winter Single Sweater Survival Guide.

"Winter days in Japan can be quite extreme. Unlike most people I am too poor to afford clothes, all I own in my closet is one sweater. So I wanted to demonstrate how I survive a freezing winter with a single sweater." - Sebu San セブ山.  

"Legs go in first, then tuck the rest of my body in."

"Only exposing your face through the hole where your head was supposed to go in."

"Once my body was inside the sweater, I was surprised by how warm I was. HYAHHOUU!"

"My back is completely exposed, I have decided to warm myself up by sitting down on a sofa."

"I feel poka-poka (warm) already." 

"Now it's the time for a walk outside." 


"Survive a freezing winter with a single sweater. HYAHHOUU!" - Sebu San セブ山


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