The Wine Apartment . ワインアパートメント

Wined in style, a new concept of high quality living. The Wine Apartment Tokyo Japan this early autumn 2013 is open for rent. An apartment with underground wine cellar with a capacity of 10,000 bottles, ground-floor wine bar and bistro, and a on-site sommelier as a wine concierge. Absolutely brilliant, Bravo.

"You can't enjoy your favourite wine, when there is no space at home to store your wine properly"
The idea comes from the perspective of living with your wine.

The 1st level is Endo Risaburo Store 遠藤利三郎商店, a popular bistro in Tokyo, with a menu of 600 carefully selected collection of wine. As a resident there, you can enjoy the special service offered by 遠藤利三郎商店 such as food delivery straight to your dinning room or storing your own wine at their bistro cellar. The biggest characteristic of this wine apartment is that the management staffs are also sommeliers. As some of the staff explained: "I do not simply just manage the wine cellar, or plan an arrangement of parties for the weekend, such as coordination of the wine glass, more importantly I provide the support of a richer wine life." A total of 18 units are available for rent, in studio type units, the living room is installed with a standard tasting counter and wine cellar that can hold 26 bottles of wine. Wine Glass showcase that beautifully decorate the wine glasses is attached to the tasting counter top. Wine apartment floor design is also available as a party room as well as a residence, and SOHO, and office. Now, this is quality living.

Source: www.wineapartment.jp

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