NAMIE AMURO X VOGUE JAPAN X GUCCI. What you are about to see in Vogue Japan 2013 October is a gorgeous collaboration between Gucci, Namie Amuro and VOGUE JAPAN. Namie Amuro will be featured in the October issue of VOGUE JAPAN (in stores on August 28th)" wearing GUCCI 2013-14 A/W women's collection, and my copy of Vogue Japan 2013 October issue is already on its way to Calgary. I can't lie, one of the most excited-to-get copy of Vogue I have ever ordered. Special movies of Namie's photo shoot for this project are available on the GUCCI official website, VOGUE JAPAN official website and the Namie Amuro official website!! Each website has exclusive edits. 

Namie Amuro is absolutely out of the world gorgeous with her big pompadour hair, copper metalic make up being perfectly styled with GUCCI leather, fur, houndstooth and checker prints. Especially in love with her houndstooth Chinese cheongsam style one piece. Queen of Pop in Japan all time, her music her style defintely sparked up this Gucci collection in a way that Gucci would not usually be portraited as. Its Vogue Japan & Namie Amuro's interpretation of GUCCI 2012-14 AW collection. The way the video being edited is undoubtly sophisticated, tons of focus on every single bits of details. Its geometric, Its metalic, Its edgy, Its Gucci, Its GUCCI, Its sexy, Its Amuro Namie.