The Fairmont Palliser Presents A RoyalTea Baby Shower

   Thanks to Jacqueline Tyler and her wonderful team, Gar&Mann:L was invited to A RoyalTea baby shower hosted by Fairmont Palliser Sponsored by Moët et Chandons, Hudsons Bay, The school of Alberta Ballet and Chapel. It's was grand it was lovely. Definitely can't miss out on the hairpieces that the guests were wearing, love them. Crowds are over joyed with the Royal family's latest expectancy of the newest member. William and Kates' newborn is definitely the center of attention, even though they are not physically here with us. All the guests brought gifts in the name of the royal family and they will be donated to the Ronald McDonald house of Southern Alberta. Along with the fine "to the British standard" hightea, prepared by Fairmont Palliser, Sophie Serafino and the school of Alberta Ballet are definitely remarkable.  Our breath was taken away by the their bright shimmering talent. Lovely afternoon indeed, thank you, to the lovely Jacqueline Tyler and the team of Fairmont Palliser for bringing Calgary a grand classy evening. And Gar&Mann:L would definitely love to see more of this in Calgary.   By +Paul Lee / Gar&Mann:L Productions

Videography by Gar&Mann:L Productions
Videographer: +Jack McLee/ Gar&Mann:L Productions.

VIDEOCREDIT: +Jack McLee / Gar&Mann:L Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Photography by Gar&Mann:L Productions
Photographer: +Paul Lee / Gar&Mann:L Productions.

PHOTOCREDIT: +Paul Lee / Gar&Mann:L Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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