La Perla Ginza Grand Opening x Japan Limited Collection

True beauty and confidence comes from the inside out? Dear, absolutely! The beauty of fashion is not only how and what you mix N match on the outside, it begins from the inside, head to toe. Every detail counts, including your lingerie. And No, They are not only for bedroom, the right lingerie can magnify, accentuate the shape of your body, and giving you the confidence to feel good of and appreciate yourself. As delicate French women always say "Yes. Lingerie is a MUST. If you are a woman." I've always had a thing for delicate fancy lingerie. I think every girl deserves to feel good about themselves.
La perla, hand cratfed Italian lingerie brand celebrates its Ginza boutique grand opening with the latest 2013 SS collection and Japan imited special collection. The 2013 SS collection was inspired by the Sicilian girl described in 20th century Italian novel "The leopard" by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Deep grean mesh fabric and Swarovski crtsyal, I wish I was in Japan right now.

PHOTOCREDIT: www.laperla.com, La Perla JP

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