Real-Life LEGO by Tested

Tested, an online channel that features wide varieties of topics; From breakthroughs in science, amazing tales of exploration, and discoveries in nature to emerging technologies and new consumer products that promise to change our everyday lives. Recently in collaboration with Frank Ippolito, Tested has created a wearable face mask and glove that resembles the adorable mini LEGO people. Frank Ippolito is a sculpture artist who specializes in special effect makeup for film and television. The mask was showcased at this year's San Diego comic con, it definitely has frighten a couple visitors. I always adore those tiny LEGO figures and the way their hands are designed. But not sure how I feel after seeing the "real-life" LEGO man. The skin is made with malleable material and fingernails were added on the hands to resemble human fingers. ‘it lives at the intersection of creepy and amazing,’ the team says.

To see the whole process of how the mask was made, check out the video on Tested's official YouTube channel. 


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