Interview with Lauren Bagliore

Got the pleasure to have an interview with Designer Lauren Bagliore, who first launched her brand Lauren Bagliore with the season A/W 2010 collection in New York and Canada, is now presenting her new S/S 2013 collection.

S/S 2013

The Lauren Bagliore woman, dressed in extraordinary pieces that are beautifully draped and cut in a modern edgy manner, is always dreaming and reinventing herself. She has an innate sense of style that can tease and lure, but never ceases to fascinate or surprise those around her. A closer examination reveals complicated layers of intrigue and fantasy reside within her mind that constantly craves creativity and knowledge. A chameleon of sorts, she is an independent, worldly woman who has a love for the avant-garde in every way. The LB woman is a sophisticated fashion-forerunner and does not look to typical trends for guidance or assurance, as she has an innate sense of style and knowingness in whom she is. She exudes both confidence and boldness; is feminine yet edgy. She loves and appreciates art and culture, and has such zeal for life. The Lauren Bagliore woman values finding statement fashion pieces that cultivate and promote the expression of who she is, amidst her travels and adventures across the globe. An international traveller, she’s always conscious of the footprint that she leaves on the world by supporting and becoming involved in charitable causes. She is deeply rooted in the Lauren Bagliore brand philosophy of making a difference by allowing the world to permeate both her heart and mind.

S/S 2013

For Lauren Bagliore fashion is not simply a vehicle for style. It’s also a means of helping others. “In my heart, I feel the desire to use my resources and talents to practically help others--that is what distinguishes what I do,” she explains about her ongoing work with organizations to fight human trafficking globally. “As a brand, my clients should feel they are special, valued, and that they have a sense of ‘belonging’ or being a part of a lifestyle brand that is sophisticated, exclusive, edgy, and visionary. They also should feel they are a part of something greater than themselves as we fight human trafficking through the means of fashion and continually raise support and awareness for the cause. Whether or not the customer is aware, they are supporting the causes we believe in when they buy a signature Lauren Bagliore collection item,” she adds.

S/S 2013

As a native New Yorker with Canadian Citizenship, Bagliore spends much time running the business between both countries and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in her beloved city. Bagliore is not one to follow fashion trends or the works of others; she is often inspired by the solitude and reflection allowing art to permeate her innermost being, that being spirit and imagination. It is this reflective time set apart to still the mind from the everyday chaos of life that allows her to unleash the creative energy that lies behind each collection.

A/W 2012

“Once we stop creating and dreaming, we slowly begin to die. Dreaming and hoping allow us to press on and endure through the trials of life to achieve our innermost desires thereby revealing the surreal nature of waking reality. In general, the surrealism of waking life is hidden by our commonsense view of the world. It is a view that is supported by an unquestioned consensus on the unproblematic nature of waking reality,” she says.

A/W 2012

 The most exciting thing about being involved in the Canadian Fashion Industry is that there is a unique "freshness" here in terms of an emergence of talent that is becoming internationally recognized. I feel the industry here is indeed growing and have noticed progression since we have been showing in Toronto the last few seasons.  It has been evolving beautifully, and has offered support to us designers—uniting us across the nation.  I have loved every second of being welcomed and a part of such an exciting creative movement here. There is a certain talent-level I have noted, and I think it is just as forward and fresh as some Fashion Weeks in Europe—with homage to Canada of course! I am so thankful to be a part of the industry here and love encouraging other emerging designers to challenge themselves and to never give up, to continue to persevere, and to follow the dream that is on their hearts—as I believe it has been put there for a reason. And Canada seems to be just the encouraging place for emerging designers to fulfill that dream. - Lauren Bagliore

Special Thanks to Lauren Bagliore and her studio.
They can be found at
Lauren Bagliore Atelier + Studio
1215 13th Street S.E.
Suite #112-2nd floor
Calgary, AB Canada T2G3J4
*By Appointment Only+1.403.852.2382
e. info@laurenbagliore.com

DaDe Art & Design Lab
1327 Ninth Avenue S.E.Calgary,
AB Canada

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