Punk subculture was born in 1970s, originated from protopunk music and eventually developed as a culture and lifestyle. Punk. Attitude is absolute. At that time it was more or less a social reflection turned movement of the Great Britain 1977 unemployment and social unrest. "Radical progressive leftist utopianism" as some percieve punk politic to be, I simply thought punk politics cover the entire political spectrum. In 1977, UK unemployment, it was a ruin there, they felt like the right wing is not doing what is right for the society at that time, that’s why they made suggestion of the left wing approach. It really seems like the right thing to do at that time. Politic was never only about preferences, more so it is often depended on the mix of cultural and historical content. To embrace it to identify yourself as a part of the culture, was never solely about what you wear and what brand to pick. Making the most out of what we have comtemporary, reinvent and re-conceptualize. Post-modernlistic? could be. Punk lives in the attitude of the beholder, so much variety, so individualistic, and that is beautiful.  -Paul Lee @ Gar&Mann:L

Photographer & Stylist: +Paul Lee
Model: Carmen Lee [Gar&Mann:L]
Lighting and Accessories Assistant: Jack Lee

Photocredit: +Paul Lee  @Gar&Mann:L. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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